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This page is based on the 1997-1998 Varsity Cheerleading Squad which consists of 8 girls. We have had tryouts for the 1998-1999 season and now have 12 girls...and I'm happy to say 7 guys, thanks to the help of our new cheerleading coach Mrs. Kim Halliday! Working with guys takes some getting used to, but I love it! We are quickly learning many partner stunts with the guys and working our way up to college level stunts soon! (Hopefully) After football season, our coach (Halliday) has formed a competition squad which consists of 12 girls and 14 guys! This will be the first year that CCHS has had one, so we're all excited about that! I hope you enjoy my page, and look for new squad pictures in the upcoming months. ENJOY!
The 1997-1998 Varsity Cheer Squad!

Vineshia Hittin' her Lib

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